Having recently moved to Hackbridge, I had been doing some general online research on things like parks, shops, healthcare and transport in the local area, and found it time-consuming and at times frustrating to get the information I was after. 

There are a couple of sites such as the Hackbridge Network and the Hackbridge Neighbourhood Development Group, as well as of course the main Sutton Council website, and pages for individual organisations such as Beddington Park, but no single website out there compiling all that Hackbridge has to offer. 

Hopefully this site goes some way to addressing this – it is by no means exhaustive, and I welcome any suggestions for additions or amendments – please email me at abouthackbridge@gmail.com

No businesses or oganisations have paid for inclusion on this site, and at present I am not looking to make any money out of it (should I do so in the future I will make this clear here).

I hope you find the information useful, and please do also follow my Twitter page at twitter.com/abouthackbridge